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An adaptable and agile leader for the gaming industry

Maguire Consulting Group

About Maguire Consulting Group

A unique and relevant knowledge base and perspective relevant to the Irish Market.

Having spent 10 years in a similar market and structure ensure that the needs of the customer were continually met by an evolving business and transforming industry.

Experienced in several large projects, previously transformed a $30m business from a distribution channel based business to direct sales team and managing the entire project across 9 months, 70 staff and 3 customer channels, streamlining the business and focusing on the customer.

Experienced in driving new sales methodologies and CRM rollouts, including the design, coding and training of all staff ensuring the stickability of the programs.

A proven track record of building sales teams and sales processes which have led to stellar results

Key Focus Areas

Gaming industry

Product and Portfolio Management

Sales Management

Strategic planning

Strategic and Tactical Marketing

Organisational development and enhancement

Business development

Team leadership and talent development

Led by Donal Maguire

Donal Maguire is the principle consultant at Maguire Consulting Group.

Donal is an accomplished Sales, Marketing and General Management professional with 11+ years’ experience in the gaming industry and 10+ years in distribution, retail and entertainment fields.

A proven track record of running large multifaceted teams with diverse goals across sales, marketing, logistics, production, compliance, technical support, sales enablement and operations support.